NANCO’s solution to your fully immersive needs.

What is it good for?

NANCO’s Cave solution is a complete, highly customized immersive solution. The Cave meets the customer’s need to be surrounded by the model for experiencing its surroundings and its inside from within the projected model and its outside from without. The Cave solution needs a minimum of 2  projection screens, 2 projectors, a tracking system and a pair of 3D glasses.

The Cave solution is available in nine combinations:

  • 2 walls, normally mounted in a 90 degrees angle
  • 3 walls
  • 3 walls with either a ceiling, a floor or both
  • 4 walls
  • 4 walls with either a ceiling, a floor or both
Pros and cons?

The projected three-dimensional model surrounding the user enables the user to experience the model’s surroundings and its inside from within the model, e.g. to assess the visibility, the scope, the ergonomics, the space, volume, etc. The user can also ”step out” of the model and examine the model’s outside. In addition, the user can interact with the projected model.

As there is no physical feedback, the specific action of stepping out of the model can thus not be experienced. There is for example no physical feedback to assess the weight of a car door or its resistance while stepping out of a car.

Observe that the Cave suits one user, possibly 2 to 3 users simultaneously at the most. It’s also good to know that the fully immersive experience can make the inexperienced beginner feel motion sick.

The principle that ’the more advanced the solution is, the more space is required’, is generally applicable. A floor or ceiling projection could also require a lower or second floor.

If you are looking for a less invasive but totally immersive solution, check out head-mounted displays as NANCO’s Immersive displays solution.

For a non-immersive solution or for both an immersive and a non-immersive solution in one, check out NANCO’s Powerwall solution.