NANCO’s solution to your advanced visualization and out-of-the-box working needs.

What is it good for?

NANCO’s Powerwall solution is a complete, highly customized and site-adapted digital package including a minimum of a large-scale and high-resolution projection screen (at least 3*2m) and a projector. In short it is a large display where the viewer is in front of the screen to view the projection.

The Powerwall solution meets a company’s demands for a visualization and/or working tool. The Powerwall’s entire surface can display one object of interest or be split into smaller adjacent or overlapping surfaces each projecting an object of interest.The strength of the Powerwall lays in its ability to easily switch between these two functions.

As tool for visualizing an object of interest the Powerwall can for example be used

  • to view, examine and discuss within teams for design, ergonomics, user experience, interior, etc.
  • to show and promote for customers, contractors, media, etc.

As working tool the Powerwall solution can for example be used

  • to view, examine, discuss and plan a large project by simultaneously displaying related objects of interest, e.g. discussing and planning a residential neighbourhood would require a map, environmental legislation documents, protocols, technical and architectural drawings, etc.

In the end it is the imagination that limits the possibilities!

Pros and cons?

The Powerwall can switch between three modes, each one of them entailing pros and cons:

The mono mode is comparable with what is commonly known as ”cinema”, viewing a displayed object without any depth effects. On the other hand, this allows a large audience as the experience of the viewing is equal regardless of the viewer’s position. This mode is perfect to view images, Excel/Word document, etc.

The stereo mode could be compared with the phenomenon of ”3D cinema”, allowing a smaller audience of 10-20 people to view a projected model in 3D. This more advanced function requires 3D glasses for each viewer.  Although this mode offers only one optimal viewing point, the audience still enjoys a suitable projection apart from some minor distortions in perspective.

The stereo and tracking mode is the Powerwall’s most advanced mode to view and virtually handle a projected model in 3D. This function requires 3D glasses for each viewer and one tracking device.  This mode offers one optimal viewing point, the tracked viewer’s, while the other viewers get an equivalent projection by standing close to the tracked user.

If you are looking for a more immersive solution, check out NANCO’s Cave solution or the less invasive but totally immersive solution using head-mounted displays as NANCO’s Immersive displays solution.

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