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Technical Specification

Thales’ industry-leading InterSense line of trackers, sensors and IMUs are used in a wide range of industries from aerospace, robotics, agriculture, oil & gas, entertainment, research, engineering and visualization industries. Thales offers a range of InterSense trackers including the advanced 3-DOF InertiaCube4™, the IS-900, the industry’s leading 6-DOF hybrid ultrasonic and inertial tracker and the industry’s newest and most advanced hybrid optical and inertial tracker, the IS-1200+ HObIT. Thales offers a tracker, sensors and IMUs to meet your tracking needs.

The InertiaCube4 is well suited for a range of applications:

  • Training & Simulation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Biomechanics Analysis
  • Robotics
  • Entertainment

The InertiaCube4 offers superior performance over its predecessors while minimzing size and price. The sensor is ideal for real-time applications in simulation & training, virtual & augmented reality, motion capture, and human movement analysis.

The InertiaCube4 integrates the latest in MEMS inertial technology and utilizes advanced Kalman filtering algorithms to produce a full 360° sourceless orientation tracking sensor.

  • Sourceless 3DOF tracking with full 360° range
  • Accuracy of 1° yaw, 0.25° pitch & roll
  • 200 Hz update rate
  • 2000° maximum angular rate
  • Adjustable output filters and rotational sensitivity
  • In-situ and environmental Compass Calibration Tools for static magnetic field compensation
  • Native USB and RS-232 versions available
  • AHRS