3DEXCITE Deltagen 2020x

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Product description

Key features

Technical Specification


DELTAGEN – Supercharged Visualization
”Get to know 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN, the high-performance, visualization software used by global brands to approach product Marketing with unsurpassed quality and flair.

Supporting the product lifecycle value chain, from design & engineering to marketing & sales, DELTAGEN supercharges CAD concepts with incomparable realism and with this release, 3DEXCITE takes it further.

Users and visualization teams can harness the cloud and extend pipeline functionality to create unforgettable content, experiences and campaigns. The POWER’BY approach, along with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and DELTAGEN unleashes an entirely new paradigm for creatives.” – 3DEXCITE

3DEXCITE DELTAGEN 2020x – Unleash the power of CAD.
”Embrace a new level of performance with 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN 2020x. This release includes critical enhancements for customized workflows and automation, materials, and improved rendering. The new Layer Creator dramatically simplifies the creation of model content for online product visualizers, opening up new, interactive possibilities. Now, it is easier than ever to accelerate design, engineering, and visualize products for multi-channel marketing experiences.” – 3DEXCITE

  • Automatic Layer Creator
  • Substance by Adobe
  • Search and replace
  • 3DEXPERIENCE PBR material enhancements
  • 3DEXCITE STELLAR improvements
  • Automated color space management

The following quotes the required setup specifications for running DELTAGEN and DELTAVIEW and also for processing the 3D scenes that will be loaded. Only NVIDIA® graphic cards are capable of displaying all visual effects and shaders created with our software. This cannot be guaranteed with graphic cards from other manufacturers.

Hardware requirements

Graphic cards

  • Qualified: tested using extensive functional workflows.
  • Validated: tested using basic functional workflows.
  • Compatible: no functional workflows coverage, but no known technical limitations.

Recommendation for VR experiences: 2 x Quadro RTX6000 in SLI mode (NVLink Bridge required).

Operating system

Monitor resolution

Recommended drivers

Additional software

DG2020x – Layer Creator

DG2020x – Search And Replace Tool

DG2020x – Integrated Substance Designer Materials

DG2020x – STELLAR Enhancements

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