3DEXCITE Deltatex

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Product description

Key features

Virtual materials. Scan, apply, refine.

With its bespoke feature set and intuitive GUI, its easy to scan in physical samples, then develop new design variations on-screen, and so create highly realistic images of your color and material concepts in realtime. This creates a highly realistic experience that streamlines decision-making and provides suppliers with the information they require to develop new materials. And, as DELTATEX is part of our Visualization Platform, you can seamlessly apply your materials to virtual prototypes in 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN for maximum workflow efficiency. Saving you the task – and costs – of making physical prototypes.

In addition to the DELTATEX software, 3DEXCITE also provides the following material scanning services for different scenarios:

  • Advanced Material Scanning: High quality measurement for materials such as metals, synthetics, leather, stone, textiles and wood
  • BTF Material Scanning: Premium quality material measurements for maximum realism also for rough structures like synthetic, leather and stone
  • Easy transfer of physical samples to a virtual scene in realtime
  • Use of digital patterns from library
  • Color & trim – edit characteristics, refine materials
  • Simple creation of unlimited design variations
  • Combine virtual and physical samples
  • Review and comparison of materials and variations