3DEXCITE Picturebook

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Product description

Key features

Technical Specification


Visual assets. Track, compare, review.
3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK, the data management and creative collaboration platform speeds up processes and creates full transparency for visual data – from CAD files to high-end 3D visualizations. 3 While simple for beginners to use, it provides a high level of security and accessibility thanks to platform-independent online access. Manage large volumes of visual data and keep it connected and up to date. Share, compare, discuss, review or approve content online for accelerated feedback loops or connect to 3DEXCITE XPLORE for end-to-end visual collaboration on the go. 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK seamlessly integrates with 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN to guarantee maximum workflow efficiency.

3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK, the data management and creative collaboration platform is designed to manage and share visualization projects, contents, related office documents as well as derived assets and renderings. 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK can be extended by licensing additional modules.

Key features

  • Intuitive and secure asset management
  • Live comparisons and project tracking
  • Reporting functions
  • Global sharing via replication
  • Central access to visualization libraries
  • Secure data access, roles and rights management

Data Management

  • Upload of huge data sets and volumes
  • Browsing the model stock through a timeline-based web interface
  • Flexible tree structure allowing for the efficient structuring of datasets and in-tegration of meta data
  • Viewing of models from the model stock (“Viewing“)
  • Creation of look and geometry libraries
  • Asset lock and versioning of assets
  • Coupling of 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK servers at different locations – this replication service permits fast exchange of files with external stakeholders

Content reviews and project management

  • Commenting (sketching, annotations and ratings) of models and media via the integrated Media Viewer
  • Time-based preview of assets
  • Automatic email notification with references to data
  • Export of asset lists to create comprehensive status reports on all assets in the file formats PDF, Excel, CSV and HTML. The list can contain the following in-formation: file names, metadata and tags. Thumbnails, sketches and comments are only possible with the PDF format.


  • Web-based administration interface for ‘high-level’ data administration
  • User rights management
  • Three access possibilities: Web Client, DeltaGen and 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK Client

In addition, the following features can be individually adjusted to meet specific customer needs:

  • Web interface design
  • Tree structure customization (e.g. company, departments, subunits, projects)
  • User group organization
  • Creation of additional modules for customer-specific requirements

For detailed system requirements for PICTUREBOOK 8.0, please check the product data sheet – page 3.