3DEXCITE PowerHouse

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Product description

Key features

Media production. Online and on demand.
Render realtime visualizations online. And make them available on the internet with 3DEXCITE’s realtime server. This innovation lets you flexibly order and scale rendering power to visualize 3D models in your standard web browser. On demand, create images, web content and sequences for movies and animations via the web. POWERHOUSE brings visualization into the cloud – high-end 3D visualization as a service.

POWERHOUSE is part of the same product platform as 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN and 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK, guaranteeing a seamless workflow experience.

PowerHouse is oriented toward the requirements of visual marketing. The Web-based and largely hardware-independent realtime server makes it possible to view and output high-end 3D visualizations, films and images for almost any applica-tion, anywhere and at any time. The highly efficient realtime or offline creation of marketing materials and realtime design reviews via the Internet are just two of the numerous applications PowerHouse offers.

One of the major benefits of the realtime server is that realtime models can be re-used an unlimited number of times. These can be used flexibly at any time for marketing purposes or for internal product presentations. PowerHouse also ena-bles users to automate certain processes to a considerable extent. Repeatable ac-tivities can be redefined with different models and parameters and then rendered automatically. This frees up a huge amount of time in the otherwise extremely la-borious process of producing marketing images and films. But the greatest ad-vantage of the server system lies in the fact that it operates independently of all graphics hardware installed on local computers. The Internet-based platform Pow-erHouse provides users with maximum flexibility, allowing them to produce high-end visualizations and view them anywhere. All of this takes place in realtime, and extensive 3D experience is no longer a pre-requisite. Never before have 3D re-views and CGI (computer-generated imagery) been this simple or versatile!

Key features

  • Cloud based rendering: visualization as a service
  • Print on demand: server side 3D content production for personalized marketing materials
  • Automated massive media production
  • 3D realtime streaming to access extremely complex product models on mobile devices
  • Renderfarm

Key functions
Realtime streaming
PowerHouse facilitates unrestricted interaction with 3D realtime models via the Internet, i.e. with Mozilla Firefox (Windows) or Safari (Mac). No special, local graphics hardware is required for this, meaning high-end visualizations can be viewed on any PC or laptop. There are no restrictions. Entire ranges of product variants and animations can be visualized online in realtime.

Realtime production of 2D/2.5D content, ‘on-demand’
PowerHouse also makes it possible to automatically produce content for Web and print media on the basis of 3D realtime models. Thus, users can render vis-ual material on demand and in realtime with PowerHouse, i.e. for personalized printouts or automatically generated online images as ‘instant give-aways.’

Offline production
PowerHouse enables users to automatically render large volumes of media content for Web and print media on the basis of 3D realtime models. Even complex productions, such as high-gloss brochures or Web films, can be creat-ed offline with PowerHouse. PictureBook can distribute 3D models into the PowerHouse rendering cloud and plug into an advanced framework for pro-gress tracking. The flexible rendering architecture ensures a reliable and stable rendering process that scales to the respective demand.