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A story about great toys and intricate diagrams

The challenge

”Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment for research, innovation and education within the areas Transport, ICT and Media. Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where industry, academy and public sector can run research and development projects.” – Lindholmen Science Park

When Lindholmen Science Park planned its Visual Arena Lindholmen the largest possible projection area  and a multi-users and multi-sources interaction tool were envisioned as part of  ”a world-class visualization environment that offers academia, industry and public sector a common arena for interaction and innovation” (Visual Arena Lindholmen).

The challenge was twofold comprising logistics and a complex setup easy of use.
When it was decided that the projection area would be 6m * 3.2m large, NANCO’s challenge was to safely transport, deliver and mount the enormous glass screen. The tricky part of it was that the large glass screen would be transported without any protective transportation box and handled in an upright position through the entire procedure.
As the Visual Arena Lindholmen would target a variety of users and allow a multitude of sources, the importance of a system easy of use was emphasized. Converting a complex setup, with 2 * 4 different workstations for VGA, HDMI, SDI, DVI, Display Port and for analog as well as for digital audio, into a usable visualization system was NANCO’s second challenge.

The solution

NANCO playing with some great transportation toys!
One of Lindholmen Science Park’s entrances was removed, leaving an opening in the outer wall large enough to serve as delivery entrance. A float glass transport truck transported  the 600kg heavy and 6m * 3.2m wide glass screen from Denmark to Sweden. However, the delivery had to wait out an extra night as more favorable weather conditions, preferably less than the current 12-15m/s wind, were a prerequisite to safely deliver the enormous glass screen on a stand without protective transportation box. Once delivered, a crane truck lifted the glass screen from its stand into the building by means of suction pads.Two remote controlled window/glass Smart lifters, i.e. vacuum lifters with automatic vacuum pumps and suction pads, were then used to wheel the enormous glass screen in an upright position into the Visual Arena. The screen was then placed on a temporary stand as the Visual Arena’s walls enclosing the arena had first to be built. When the construction was finished the screen’s frame was put into place and the screen finally mounted. Yet again, a great logistical solution executed by NANCO in close collaboration with a specialized glaziery.
NANCO connecting the dots…
In order to convert the system’s complexity into a setup easy of use, the entire system was translated into an intricate connection diagram that provide a comprehensive overview. To ensure a high quality of usability and user experience across the system NANCO developed a manageable control system.
The entire system translated into an intricate connection diagram ©NANCO

The entire system translated into an intricate connection diagram ©NANCO


The outcome

Visual Arena Lindholmen has now a 6m * 3,2m wide visualization tool accessible for a wide range of users and sources while ensuring a high quality of usability and user experience.
Visual Arena Lindholmen 6m * 3,2m wide powerwall

Visual Arena Lindholmen 6m * 3,2m wide powerwall

Visual Arena Lindholmen

Visual Arena Lindholmen


Academic/Research, Education, Entertainment, Industrial design & Public sector

  • transporting, delivering and mounting a 6m * 3.2m wide projection glass without protective packaging
  • creating a multi-users and multi-sources visualization tool easy of use
  • using a float glass transport truck
  • using a crane truck equipped with suction pads
  • using two remote controlled glass Smart lifters
  • collaborating with a specialized glaziery
  • creating an intricate connection diagram
  • developing a manageable control system
  • a 6m * 3.2m wide powerwall
  • a visualization tool easy of use
  • allowing a wide variety of users and multiple sources
  • high level of usability and user experience
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