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When limited space challenges big dreams...

The challenge

At Umeå University HUMlab combines a rich digital environment with technological expertise attracting and uniting students, researchers and artists to discuss, research, experiment and develop in the fields of humanities, culture and IT. ”Current research and development is covering fields such as interactive architecture, religious rituals in online environments, 3D modelling, the study of movement and flow in physical and digital spaces through using game technology, geographical information systems, and making cultural heritage accessible through interpretative tool sets.” – HUMlab

When the creative minds at HUMlab dreamed of a large and high-resolution projection area NANCO’s challenge was to fit a 3.5m * 1,8m wide 4K-projection screen in a limited space in the campus’ basement: the projection area was to be inserted in the corner of a room, which was already crammed with technological equipment and which was being prepared for the parallel installation of  eleven 50-70” large monitors. In order to obtain the planned 3.5m wide projection area the approx. 1.4m long projector would need to be set up at a 3.5m from the screen, which was at a non-available distance in the given setup.

The solution

Solving the space challenge by using rear projection and a mirror.
The space challenge was given a customed solution by cutting of the room’s corner with a 45 degrees angled wall, in which a 3.5m wide glass screen was mounted by a professional glaziery, and by installing a 4K projector and a 2m wide mirror behind the glass screen. This setup enabled the possibility to use rear projection and mirror reflection to generate the desired 3.5m wide projection on the glass screen. Such installations demand extra precision as the mirror’s and the projector’s exact positions have to be meticulously calculated and carefully adjusted in order to avoid problematic second projections.

HUMlab blueprint  © NANCO

HUMlab blueprint © NANCO

Due to the logistical challenge of the room being in the basement, neither the glass screen nor the mirror could be delivered in its protective packaging. Practically, this meant that a 3.5m wide glass screen weighing 200kg and a  2m wide mirror had to be unpacked and carried down a staircase into the basement. To tackle such a delicate task demanding extreme caution NANCO collaborated with a moving company specialized in uncommon deliveries.

The outcome

HUMlab’s digital environment is now complemented with a 3.5m * 1,8m wide 4K projection area created through mirrored rear projection, without second reflection.

Mirrored rear projection

Mirrored rear projection

Humlab 3.5m wide powerwall

Humlab’s 3.5m *1,8m powerwall



  • large projection area in a limited space
  • located in the basement
  • rear projection and mirror
  • precise calculations
  • specialized moving company
  • a 3.5m * 1,8m 4K powerwall
  • no second reflection
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