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Barco RigiFlex – The powerwall you can roll up

”In terms of sharpness, contrast and color depth, it’s hard to beat a powerwall. They allow a large amount of detailed information to be seen by a large number of people. Combined with their usability and collaborative nature, they substantially accelerate your design or decision-making process.

Easier transportation, swifter installation
Yet installing a powerwall can be a challenge and a time-consuming operation. Depending on the size of the screen you require, you may need special equipment to transport and install the screen. Sometimes it even requires cranes and the removal of windows or walls.

The new Barco RigiFlex changes all that for you. Barco’s proprietary solution is unique: a very rigid rear-projection screen that comes on a roll, making it easy to get in or out of any location.” – Barco

Barco RigiFlex simplifies:

  • Rigid. Experience a screen that offers superb performance thanks to its very high-tension surface. The screen will not sag or vibrate when doors are opened or closed.
  • Flexible. The thin, lightweight material has been specially designed to be rolled up – saving time, space and money during transport and storage – while also offering excellent performance when installed.
  • Fast. Installation typically takes half the time and needs fewer people than traditional rigid screen solutions.
  • Easy to upgrade. Replacing screens on an existing frame is a breeze. This ensures your system is future-proof and meets your operational requirements.
  • Large. Sizes are available up to 10x4m.

RigiFlex – Yanina Wickmayer verifies the strength of Barco RigiFlex

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