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TechViz TV … or how to visualize your 3D application in 3 dimensions
For visualizing 3D applications in 3 dimensions, TechViz TV is your ideal solution. Encounter an incredible 3D experience, welcome to TechViz TV!

TechViz TV adds a new dimension of depth to better understand the complexity of your 3D datasets during your project reviews. By connecting a stereo 3D TV or monitor to your regular workstation, stereo 3D is immediatly enables with your commercial 3D applications without any data conversion. You will be able to make changes directly within the native 3D applications while being visualized. You can choose to use any stereo 3D eyewear or glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D monitor display.

Your 3D application in 3 dimensions

  • Add a 3D driver to your workstation
  • Display in 3D on auto stereoscopic screens
  • Display in 3D on stereoscopic screens by using 3D glasses
  • Interact intuitively with your model

Your 3D application in real time

  • No conversion of data
  • Transparently display from your existing 3D application
  • Allow natural interaction with the 3D model using a mouse or a joystick

The ease of use of TechViz TV

  • Easy and quick installation
  • No need to learn specialized software
  • Leverage the 3D model use


  • Transparently displays your existing 3D application
  • Smooth frame rates even with big datasets
  • Natural interaction with the 3D model by using a mouse, space-mouse or joystick
  • No need to learn a specialized software
  • No conversion of data to use an external viewer
  • Automatically adjusts the depth effect