TechViz Virtual Workbench

Product description

Key features


Virtual Assembly.
Move interactively a part of the model and see the collisions

TechViz Virtual Workbench includes three products: Human body Tracking, Virtual Assembly, and Finger Tracking.

Human Body Tracking:
The Human Body Tracking product displays a human body virtually represented into the 3D model scene using a real-time, full body motion tracking system. This product enables the user to validate the ergonomic factors for various human tasks, such as the study of reach analysis or to see the collisions between the human body and the 3D model. This product requires a tracking system that will include targets to cover the full body.

Virtual Assembly:
The Virtual Assembly product enables the user to select and interactively move a part of the 3D model, to view collisions with the model and record an animation that can be reloaded for further studies. This enables the user to validate assembly tasks for mounting and unmounting, maintenance operations or provide training sessions.

Finger Tracking:
The Finger Tracking product displays a virtual representation of a hand’s fingers in the 3D scene based on a real-time, full hand motion tracking system. This is used for detailed reach analysis studies and to view collisions with the model. This product requires an accurate finger tracking motion capture solution (ART…).


  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs and investments
  • Save time
  • Improve quality of prototypes
  • Reduce the decision cycles with your customers