TechViz XL

Product description

Key features


TechViz XL accelerates and displays your 3D applications
TechViz XL is the ideal solution to display your 3D models on any display solution (CAVE, HMD, visualization wall …). The added value is to display 3D models without any limitation for resolution, size, shape or performance.

TechViz XL offers you the ability to work directly within your desktop 3D applications and see your 3D model display in real-time on your tiled wall or your immersive room.

Users do not require application skills to allow any user to easily concentrate on viewing the scene while working directly with the desktop application.

For presentations today, it is no longer necessary to convert your model data or use specialized visualization software. By eliminating the converting process, it will allow you to accelerate your validation process and provide an ideal tool for marketing value.


  • Increase productivity
  • Increase display resolution
  • Accelerate the validation process
  • Tools to add support for decision-making
  • Reduce the decision cycles with your customers
  • Improve your collaborative process

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