Coated rear-projection screens

Product description

Key features

Technical Specification

Large size diffuse screens with optimal contrast
Creating the best possible image is not just a matter of having the best projector. It is the result of the optimal projector/screen combination. That is why Barco, as an expert in visualization technology, introduces a brand new line of coated screens, providing the best image quality for any kind of large screen rear projection application. The visual experience created by these screens exceeds all what was there before.

Realistic images down to the finest details
Barco’s coated screens were designed for very low reflectivity, preserving high contrast and image detail in ambient light conditions. Also image sharpness and color accuracy reach levels never seen before with conventional techniques. This is particularly useful for the latest 4K projectors, where showing hyper-realistic images down to the finest details is an absolute must.

Three different substrates (semi-rigid acrylic, rigid acrylic and glass), and three coating, each with its specific optical characteristic, are available. This means users have a choice between nine different screen types to best suit their needs. For example, rigid screens are extremely flat to create the smoothest display surface available, and semi-rigid screens are rollable for easy installation.

Wide range of applicability
The coated screens can be used in many applications, ranging from powerwalls and cave displays, over rear projected cylindrical displays, to large-size collaboration screens in meeting rooms. Their robustness makes sure they can be used in any environment, enabling easy cleaning. It’s even possible to use your display interactive with marker tape and stickers!

  • Seamless , large size rear projection screens
  • Available in 3 different substrates (semi-rigid acrylic, rigid acrylic and glass)
  • Barco proprietary coating
  • Choice of 3 coatings with different optical characteristics
  • High quality screens from an industry expert with extended customer application knowledge
  • Preserves high local contrast for fine detail, image sharpness and accurate color reproduction
  • Very low reflectivity preserving high contrast and image detail in ambient light conditions
  • Rigid screens have extreme flatness
  • Semi-rigid screens are rollable for easy installation

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