Ultra Thin Bezel Displays

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Ultra Thin Bezel Displays
Large interactive installations offer collaboration opportunities transforming the way we work. People can share their ideas in one meeting room or simultaneously in several globally dispersed meeting locations by using interactive displays and other interactive devices connected to them.

Large interactive walls also catch the eyes of visitors in museums and exhibitions where organizers want to offer an unforgettable experience.

At schools, universities and other educational institutions walls provide an opportunity to present eye-catching content to a large number of people.

MultiTaction displays are the most advanced interactive displays available. They detect simultaneously an unlimited number of fingers, hands, IR pens and real life objects. MultiTaction displays’ computer vision touch tracking is an ultrafast 200 fps. Displays are frameless and without extra layers on the display that would reduce the image quality.

MultiTaction displays are the ideal communication channel for any corporate brand. High quality design and functionality delivers the message in an effective way that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. The displays create a social experience, inspiring users to collaborate, communicate and explore. A state-of-the-art interactive experience, they unlock new ways of thinking, innovation and creation.

Intended for demanding public installations in corporate and retail space, education, museums, and exhibitions, MultiTaction displays boast advanced interactive features. Full networking capabilities allow for cloud applications and social network integration as well as remote management and monitoring.

MT553UTB MultiTaction Cell 55″ Full HD LCD Ultra Thin Bezel Display

  • 55″ display unit: physical dimensions 1215 x 686 x 200 mm / 47.8 x 27.0 x 7.9 inches
  • Bezel width: 1.9 mm / 0.07 inches (bottom and left side), 3.8 mm / 0.15 inches (top and right side)
  • Interactive multiuser LCD
  • Ultra-fast response time
  • Tracks unlimited touch points, including hands, fingers, fingertips, 2D markers, real-life objects
  • Supports enriched reality / augmented reality, object recognition and digital whiteboard solutions
  • Less than 20 cm deep
  • Ideal for video wall and table installations of any size and form
  • Frameless thin bezel design with smooth edge-to-edge front safety glass
  • Can easily be embedded in custom furniture
  • VESA mounting
  • Low maintenance, scratch-resistant front glass
  • 60,000+ hours expected life-time

Specifications subject to change without notice.