Product description

Key features

Technical Specification

Super-high Picture Quality 4K Digital Projector
Project bright, consistent, high-contrast 4K images with flexible installation and exceptional operating versatility.

Building on Sony’s acclaimed 4K digital cinema technology, the SRX-T615 has been specially optimised for use in a wide range of industrial visualisation and simulation applications.

Detail-packed 4K resolution plus very high brightness, colour accuracy, uniformity and contrast make the SRX-T615 ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, from automotive and manufacturing design to architecture. It’s also ideally suited to the creation of high-impact visual projections at theme parks, museums, planetariums and other visitor attractions.

Offering a high 18,000 lumen brightness, the SRX-T615 projects Ultra-High Definition images with a native resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. With four times more detail than Full HD, it’s easy to resolve the finest on-screen details. Evolved from digital cinema technology, the uprated 4K optical engine delivers an industry-leading contrast ratio of 12,000:1 for incredibly bright, punchy images with immense dynamic range.

A choice of lens options allows the projector to be configured rapidly for smooth, flicker-free 3D projection that’s uniquely easy on the eye. Edge Blending allows easy creation of even larger images. For instance, pictures from two projectors can be seamlessly presented side by side to create an auditorium-filling 7K x 2K panoramic image (overlapped by 1k).

Reduced running costs are enabled by the innovative multi-lamp array, with six HPM sources in individual cartridges making lamp replacement easier and safer. Reduced risk of ‘dark screen’ lamp outages is complemented by fail-safe reliability, plus greater operating flexibility with the ability to select the number of lamps lit to meet the needs of different applications and venue sizes. Lengthened lamp-exchange cycles and reduced maintenance requirements contribute further to lower running costs.

For even greater operating flexibility, the projector can be installed within +/- 45 degree (up/down) and +/- 10 degree (left/right) tilt ranges (with LKRM-U450 lamp), enabling use in a wide range of visual simulation and visitor attraction applications.

High Picture Quality
The SRX-T615 features a high-contrast image of 12,000:1, high brightness of 18,000 lm, and brightness uniformity with the new 4K optical engine.

Low Running Costs
Using multiple HPM lamps in individual cartridges means that lamp replacement is easier and safer, and provides a longer lamp-exchange cycle. Lamp costs for the SRX-T615 are much lower than with Xenon lamps. Also, durable parts incur fewer maintenance cycles which further reduces running costs.

Application Versatility
The SRX-T615 offers the flexibility of tilted installation, distortion correction for 4K3D, and edge blending for multi projection. It also provides a variety of lamp operations for precise luminance control, such as a selectable number of lighting lamps and interleaved lamp control.