MultiTaction iWall

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MultiTaction iWall
MultiTaction iWall is a massive 5-meter-wide turnkey interactive display wall. It simultaneously detects an unlimited number of fingers, hands, IR pens and real life objects. MultiTaction iWall’s computer vision touch tracking is ultrafast at 200 fps.

At 5 m (16′) wide and 2.5 m (9′) tall MultiTaction iWall creates a stunning impression with any audience in corporate spaces or in any other location. An entire ready-to-use 24 megapixel interactive wall, the iWall comprises of 12x 55″ Ultra Thin Bezel displays. Combined with a screen brightness of 500 nits, it provides astounding image quality that is guaranteed to draw attention.

MultiTaction iWall is the ideal communication channel for any corporate brand. Its high quality look and functionality will deliver any message in an effective way while leaving a lasting impression. The MultiTaction iWall is more than just a touch display; it is an experience.

MultiTaction iWall is a social experience, inspiring users to collaborate, communicate and explore. The state-of-the-art interactive experience opens new ways of thinking, innovation and creation. MultiTaction iWall also offers the possibility of enhancing and personalizing the user experience by utilizing MultiTaction Codice.

MultiTaction iWall

  • Physical dimensions for MultiTaction iWall system (MTIW-3×4): 5170 * 2620 * 870 mm
  • 24 megapixel resolution
  • Aluminum mounting and cooling structure with side plates and access door. Cover material is tempered glass with black background
  • Extra robustness with on-site spare unit
  • Server-class computer running Windows 8 and Linux OS
  • Internal cabling and LAN switch
  • Speaker system
  • MultiTaction Experience application with 5 day customization package
  • On-site installation & training
  • MultiTaction Site Manager display and content management for first year
  • Premium Support and Maintenance Plan for first year

Display units of the turnkey iWall

  • 12 * 55″ interactive multiuser LCDs
  • Bezel width of each display units: 1.9 mm / 0.07 inches (bottom and left side), 3.8 mm / 0.15 (top and right side)
  • Ultrafast response time
  • Tracks unlimited touch points, including hands, fingers, fingertips, 2D markers, real-life objects
  • Supports enriched reality / augmented reality, object recognition and digital whiteboard solutions
  • Low maintenance, scratch-resistant and smooth edge-to-edge front safety glass
  • 60,000+ hours expected life-time